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2014 Regatta Schedule


Birding Update

The buffleheads are here!  Yesterday I saw two flocks of five, one swimming around the race course, and the other flying down by the dam rope. It could have been the same flock twice. Look for very small ducks with white heads, who dive. If they all disappear underwater at once, just wait a minute. They are extremely cute but shy.

There are also three great blue herons. Two seem to be hanging together and the other by itself.
An adult bald eagle had been hanging around the silt island across from Lloyd Hall, and flying up and down the river, but s/he seems to have moved on. They mainly eat fish so it was probably interested in the area around the fish ladder.
The red-tailed hawk pair ("Mom" and "T2") who are famous from their Franklin Institute web cam have been expanding their territory a bit, coming onto the silt island and perching high atop the Art Museum on our side.  There is another RTH pair that seems to be local to Lemon Hill, so the F.I. pair were probably testing the limits, and may have backed off a bit. 
Yesterday I rowed by a Cooper's hawk that was hassling/hunting some little birds right at the Sedgely boathouse by the water. Look for a long striped tail to identify a Cooper's (or the similar Sharp-shinned) compared to a red-tail, which has a shorter tail and is a bigger bird.   
Last week I saw a pied-billed grebe hanging out with some mallards, but have not seen it since. In past years these grebes have been spotted mostly along the west bank.
And the fabulous belted kingfishers are chattering away. Yesterday I got close to a female kingfisher on a branch near the adaptive boathouse. She eventually flew chattering into the inlet. Females and juveniles have rust colored breasts. The male is just blue, black, and white.
Enjoy the winter birds!
Sandy  Sorlien
Bachelors Barge Club
Environmental Educator, Fairmount Water Works

Support Ginny Kauffman's Health Mission

Ginny Kaufman, a long time member of Vesper, is going on a mission to provide health care in Central America in two weeks, she is collecting basic hygiene supplies and also applying for donations to support the work.
I am collecting multivitamins with iron, no specialty stuff such as B complexes, Vitamin D, no gummies, they melt in the heat, and tooth brushes and travel sized tooth paste. Please make sure the vitamins expire on or after January 2014. Thank you for your support!! See you on the water. Ginny
We need your help to make this mission trip as effective as possible. Your donation will assist the team to provide health care services for many, and also conduct educational sessions for the community and volunteers in basic health topics that they have requested to further their efforts to develop healthier communities. Each year we see improvements, but there is still much to be done.
Gifts to Global Health Ministry are tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law. Global Health Ministry is a registered non-profit 501(c)3 organization. Our Federal Tax ID number is 23-3068656, The official registration and financial information of Global Health Ministry may be obtained from the Pennsylvania Department of State by calling toll-free, within Pennsylvania, 1-800-732-0999. Registration does not imply endorsement.


Mary Jo McGinley, RSM

Executive Director,

Global Health Ministry